For many, Sicily brings to mind the Godfather, the Mafia and Don Corleone from the movies… Well, join World on Wheels on this wonderful island! Come to the Corleone comune (or local council), which actually exists in the province of Palermo.

Take a trip to a land where the Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Barbarians, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans (and who knows who else) left a legacy that still lingers in the Sicilian cities. Come and see some of the seven World Heritage Sites, such as the Agrigento Valley of Temples or the city of Syracuse. And, of course, climb Mt. Etna.

Completely different to how they may sometimes seem in films, the Sicilian people are extremely kind and always ready to help solve any problem. And if you’re willing to listen, they’ll talk … and talk.

A detailed programme will be available soon